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New Green Card Extension up to 24 months

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If you are filing form I-90 to renew an expired or soon to expire Green-Card, USCIS will automatically grant you a 24-month extension to your Green Card. Previously, filing an I-90 form only awarded residents a 12-month extension. The change was introduced on September 26.

This guide contains a brief summary of the most relevant information regarding the Green Card Extension and how to get it, as well as the most recent changes to USCIS policy. This article does not constitute legal advice. If your need help with your Green Card Renewal or Paperwork, you can schedule a consultation with attorney Shelle-Ann Simon.

How does the Green Card Extension work?

When filing for a Green Card renewal, legal permanent residents have to file form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. After filing your I-90, you will receive an I-797 receipt notice, stating that you have received the 24-month extension on your Green Card.

You can present your I-797 receipt notice together with your expired Green Card as proof of your legal status while you wait for your new Green Card to arrive.

What happens if I misplaced my old Green Card?

If you filed for renewal but no longer have your old Green Card, you can ask USCIS for an ADIT stamp after you file the I-90. Contact your USCIS Field Office to schedule an appointment through the USCIS Contact Center. The ADIT stamp serves as proof of legal status in lieu of your old Green Card.

Will I get an extension sticker?

The Green Card Extension Sticker has been discontinued. It was replaced in January 2021 by the I-797 receipt notice.

What happens if I filed before September 26?

If you filed form I-90 to renew your Green Card before September 26 and your form is pending, USCIS will issue you an amendment receipt notice clarifying the 24-month extension.

When to apply for Green Card Extension

If your Green Card is about to expire or expired recently (within the last 6 months), you should file for a Green Card renewal. You will get a Green Card Extension as part of the process while you wait for the new Green Card to arrive.

Can I travel with an expired Green Card?

Although it is always advisable to travel with a valid and unexpired Green Card, you can still board a US-bound flight if your Green Card is expired.

  • A Legal Permanent Resident may board a flight to the US with an expired 10-year Green Card. This does not apply to conditional residents with a 2-year Green Card.
  • If you have an expired 2-year Green Card, you may only board a US-bound flight if you can present the original I-797 receipt notice together with your expired Green Card.
  • If you have an expired 10-year Green Card but are in possession of the I-797 receipt notice, you will be allowed to board a US-bound flight by presenting both documents.

Please bear in mind that these are CBP guidelines for US-bound flights. You still need to present the proper documentation needed to board an international flight. When in doubt, contact your airline and the local US consulate.

If you are boarding a US-bound flight with an expired Green Card, arrive 3-4 hours before the flight and inform the airline of your situation so they can properly address the issue.

We hope you found this information useful. Do note that, although we update our content regularly, immigration policies can change very quickly – you should always consult with an attorney before you take any decisions that could impact ypur immigration status.

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