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VAWA allows spouses, childrens and parents victims of domestic abuse to apply for a special visa

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed in 1994 to help protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. VAWA not only applies to US citizens but also includes special protections for immigrants who were victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other crimes.
Under VAWA protection, immigrant victims can get a special visa that allows them to stay in the United States and cooperate with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute their abuser. If you are an immigrant victim of domestic violence or another crime, you may be eligible for VAWA protection or other special visas designed to help immigrants in vulnerable situations like the U-Visa.
How do I apply for VAWA?

How do I apply for VAWA? Is it safe for victims?

Victims can apply for themselves, without needing to notify their abuser at all. Furthermore, all possible measures are taken from that point on to make sure applicants are protected and their abusers can’t retaliate. Once this protected status is acquired as part of the VAWA immigration process, victims can acquire legal residence independently of the residence status of their spouse.

This is meant to protect victims from abusive households when their legal status relies on their abuser’s residency or citizenship. Don’t be afraid to contact a VAWA immigration lawyer if you are a victim, all exchanges of information are highly confidential and you won’t be deported if you ask for help.

How do I begin the process for applying?
Where can I find a good VAWA immigration lawyer?

To begin the process you must first file USCIS form I-360. It is highly recommended to get in contact with a qualified VAWA immigration lawyer in order to navigate the process without making costly mistakes.

However, keep in mind that USCIS will only approve petitions that meet the following requirements:

Spouse eligibility requirements:

Parent eligibility requirements:

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Get the help you need with an experienced VAWA immigration lawyer in Houston, Texas, act now!

Currently, the processing times for VAWA applications can take up to 20.5 – 27 months, according to USCIS, so working with a seasoned and professional VAWA immigration lawyer can help you speed up the process and make sure that you don’t suffer any setbacks from bad documentation, lack of evidence or any other mistakes.

If you are eligible to apply, the Law Office of Shelle-Ann Simon will help you throughout the whole process. While you can concentrate on healing and beginning a better future for you and your family, we will take care of all important matters. From getting the police certificate to the visa application, we will make sure that you are never alone.

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