Migrants rescued. Illustration.
Shelle-Ann Simon

Shelle-Ann Simon

More migrants rescued from heat and rising waters on US southern border

As summer brings dangerous conditions on the US southern border, there are more migrants rescued attempting to cross dangerous areas.

A seasonal occurrence according to Border Patrol officials, there is an increase in migrants rescued from the heat and rising waters on the southern border. However, with migrant crossings on the rise, incidents are becoming more frequent.

Along a large swath of the southern border runs an irrigation canal. The purpose of this water course is to facilitate the irrigation of crops during the hot summer months, facilitating the work of regional farmers. However, the canal has become a death trap for migrants seeking to cross the US southern border.

Contrary to what a first impression might lead one to believe, the channel can be fatal for those who have the misfortune to fall into it. Especially at this time when the water levels are rising and the current is a ferocious relentless flow that reaches high speeds.

With many dangers on the border, more migrants rescued from intense heat and fast rivers

Crossing the border poses several dangers, especially at this time of year. The long walks through the desert in times of great heat and without access to water, the crossing of the Rio Grande and, also, the irrigation canals.

In El Paso, Texas, the Fire Department trains its rescue team for this increasingly common emergency: people who fall into the canal and are in danger of drowning. As Kris Menendez, captain of the Department, comments regarding the situation of those who fall into the canal “It pushes you down. It pushes you up. It could mean life or death. No doubt”.

According to local authorities, the deaths registered during the past week are around a dozen, which sets a terrible precedent for the summer season in which migrants will try to cross the border in more than unfavorable weather conditions.

Border bailouts have already surpassed the total number reached during the past fiscal year this year. During the 2021 period, search and rescues on the southern border reached 12,833, but this year they have already reached about 14,000. And there are still three months left in the fiscal year.

The situation is very dangerous for migrants seeking to cross US southern border, as their lives are at risk – more than usual. Chris Magnus, CBP Commissioner, alerted the public to the extreme conditions at the border with Mexico:

“As temperatures begin to rise in the summer, human traffickers will continue to exploit vulnerable populations and endanger the lives of migrants. to earn money. The terrain of the southern border is extreme, the summer heat is severe, and the miles of desert migrants have to traverse after crossing the border are unforgiving.”

Migrants rescued. Illustration.

Despite dangers and risk of deportation, large numbers of migrants still attempt to cross the US southern border

But despite the dangers, migrants continue to try to cross the US southern border to reach the United States, in most cases to seek asylum. In the past month alone, the border patrol recorded around 240,000 border encounters, setting an all-time record.

Ricardo Samaniego, a judge in El Paso, has already taken steps to properly receive the large numbers of migrants arriving at the border town after crossing the border. The increasing numbers of migrants have overwhelmed the current shelter system, for which Samaniego has sought extra financial assistance, following instructions from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management agency.

Everything seems to indicate that this summer will see the highest numbers of migrants crossing the United States through the desert since the figures began to be recorded during the year 2000. Whether these people arrive safely at their destination in the United States will depend on the measures taken at the border during these months of extreme conditions.

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